Renewable Energy

Want to make savings of up to 20% off your energy bills? With the increasing emphasis on homes to become "greener" consider switching to more economical and environmentally friendly energy solutions:

Solar Power

Solar Power uses a simple technology that allows you to generate free electricity for your home using the natural energy from the sun. By installing a solar PV system you are harnessing this power for your own use and benefit.

Solar PV systems generate power via solar panels which are installed on your property's roof. These are a collection of specially developed solar cells to covert natural light into electricity.

A common misconception is that you need to live somewhere sunny in order to benefit from installing solar PV. This is not the case, as the panels work on light intensity – not heat or direct sunlight. Meaning that even on overcast days you'll still be generating free electricity to power your home.

The great thing about solar PV, thanks to the Government backed 'Feed In Tariff' is that you'll get paid for every unit of electricity you generate - plus a little bit extra for those units that you 'feed in' to the national grid.

As well as getting paid to generate electricity, you will also be saving on your current energy bills - the exact amount you save will depend upon the size of your system, how much electricity you use and when.

Your new solar PV system will work in seamless conjunction with your current energy provider. Meaning, that at night, when no natural daylight is available, your energy will be provided by your normal supplier, so that you do not receive a drop in power.

Boiler Management Installation

We carry out installation of Marshall-Tufflex Boiler Management Systems. These intelligently
control the cycling of boilers to maximise their efficiency, reducing unnecessary boiler firing
during low load conditions, known as dry cycling, whilst still delivering the heat and hot water levels needed:

-Reduces energy usage and carbon footprint
-Reduces boiler firing cycle and therefore saves money without compromising on the
  provision of heating or hot water
-Compact and unobtrusive
-Easy to install by a qualified electrician
-Typical payback within 2-3 years
-Typically reduces the annual cost of a boiler by 20% (subject to boiler usage pattern).
-External weather sensor available for even greater savings

Home Energy Monitoring Systems

We install Home Energy Monitoring Systems made by Green Energy Options (GEO).

You don't have to wait for the smart meter roll out to start getting smart. Take control of your electricity use and cut costs now.

We have the perfect end-to-end solution to make energy saving easy and impactful. By monitoring your electricity use we can help you cut your bill by as much as 15%.

According to the Energy Saving Trust energy use drops around five to 15% in the first year of using an energy monitor, saving you £25 to £75 on a £500 bill.

Ready to switch to greener energy and start saving money? Contact us now